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Societe Generale is inviting you to join Tradeshift, our partner for your invoices’ management and monitoring. You will find on this page all the necessary information in order to use the platform. The knowledge base is at your disposal to answer any question you may have. Tradeshift Support is also available through the Assistance icon. 

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Benefits of eInvoicing with Tradeshift

Tradeshift increases invoicing accuracy, and improves visibility to the payment process and status through an easy-to-use web-based platform

Easy Setup

  • No installation of hardware or software required.
  • Supports both manual and highly-automated options allowing suppliers to submit invoices from within existing billing software.

Real-time Monitoring & Communication

  • Check the status of invoices with real-time updates in your computer or mobile browser.
  • Confirm invoice receipt -- no delays due to missing information or lost paper invoices.
  • Communicate and attach supporting documents directly from within Tradeshift.

Always Free

  • No setup fees, transaction fees, or service charges.
  • Invoice other customers through the Tradeshift network at no charge.

Public Profiles & Network

  • Promote your business, products and services to the fastest-growing network of connected companies. Get a modern web presence easily and efficiently.

Societe Generale digitizes the relation with its suppliers to accelerate the payment of their invoices

In the continuity of its engagements* beside companies, Societe Generale gave for objective to treat and to pay the invoices of its suppliers within the shortest time limit: within 30 days.

To uphold this commitment, Societe Generale gives to its suppliers access to a new platform of electronic invoicing, Tradeshift, free of charge. The use of this portal facilitates the integration of invoices, secures their sending, allows the follow-up of the progress of their treatment and so favors the payment within 30 days.

The digitalisation is a key stage in the simplification of the relationship between the Group and its partners. It is also a means to act for the environment by limiting paper consumption, a subject on which Societe Generale took strong commitments in 2015 at the time of the COP 21.

With Tradeshift, we wish to strengthen our partnership, to reduce our payment times and so to contribute to the improvement of the cash management of our suppliers. Gradually, this portal will become the only means to transmit your invoices to Societe Generale.

We look forward to our next collaboration.

Best Regards,

Serge Pouhaër                                                                                                  Françoise Guillaume

Director of Shared Services Center                                                              Purchasing Manager 

“Procure to Pay” of the Group Societe Generale                                       of the Group Societe Generale

*Societe Generale is a member of PACTE PME since 2007. It is also a part of every first signatory in 2010 of the Charter of the Inter-enterprises Mediation. It is the 1st bank (and the 4th French large company) to have received in 2012 the label "Responsible Supplier relations". It received more recently the "Grand Prix des Délais de Paiement" in 2016.

Getting Started with Tradeshift

We built a short guide on how to get started quickly with only 5 steps.

These five steps will guide you through the most important steps invited supplier should take while and after responding to the invitation email of their customer.

Invoicing Societe Generale

The following documentation is available online to support you through the integration process with Societe Generale:

Once you have chosen your preferred integration method, you will be ready to invoice Societe Generale. To discover all available integration formats, please visit our dedicated webpage.

Societe Generale will be using Tradeshift for:

  • Receiving electronic invoices,,
  • Receiving electronic credit notes,
  • Applying compliance and business rules to those documents,
  • Sending back business statuses to onboarded suppliers (received, accepted, payed,...) both for paper and electronic invoices on Tradeshift platform.

Please note that some additional functionalities available on Tradeshift will not be used by your customer for the moment, as examples:

  • Receiving prepaid vouchers
  • Sending Purchase Orders 
  • Receiving of other business document different from invoices and credit notes

Business Rules

Société Générale has defined several functional controls on Tradeshift, allowing the receiving of complete documents to process them efficiently and in a timely manner.

The implemented business rules are as follow:

  • The legal entity of Societe Generale Group  to invoice that was given to you on the Purchase Order or by your contact. 
  • The invoice/Credit Note Number : cannot have special characters or spaces. It must be entered in uppercase and have a maximum length of 30 characters. 
  • The Invoice/Credit Note  Date : must not be later than the current date
  • The Purchase Order Number (PO) : it is composed with 5 alphanumeric characters followed by ‘-’ and 10 numbers. The Purchase Order Number is mandatory if there is no Cost Center Number. 
  • The Cost Center Number : this code is mandatory if there is no Purchase Order Number.
  • The Period Code : it is mandatory with the PO if the contract number begins with ‘ATU’, ‘ATG’ or ‘FOR’. The Period Code is composed with 2 letters (‘AS’, ‘ST’, ‘DE’) followed by 2 numbers for the month and 2 numbers for the year. 
  • The Patric Code : it is mandatory only for the lawyer suppliers.  Select the field « File-Id » in the optional fields list at the header of the invoice/credit note.
  • The VAT system (invoice time or recalculate at payment) : it is mandatory.
  • The respect of the elements of invoicing (item, quantity, price, VAT,…) 

Additional Information

Note that for certain countries, some additional requirements might be necessary depending on the local tax rules. If you have any doubt on the business rules, please contact your usual point of contact for the corresponding Business Unit.

Please also note that some document standard fields might not be received by your customer (not visible in the Web UI or not mapped to Tradeshift standard UBL format) as example:

  • Document due date: Your invoices will always be paid using the contractual terms agreed upon with your customer even if they do not appear on the invoice itself.
  • Payment means: Your invoices will always be paid using the payment means agreed upon with your customer and set up in your customer back-end system even if they do not appear on the invoice itself. If you need to review these information, please contact your usual customer contact for the impacted Business Unit.

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